The Art of Digital T-Shirt Printing

The Art of Digital T-Shirt Printing

You’ve designed a great t-shirt, but what kind of printer will you use to print it? Digital printing has become an increasingly popular method for small businesses to create their own branded apparel. Digital printers allow you to take complete control over your designs, colors and text. Most digital printers are also used by professional screen printers because they can help cut down on costs and improve the quality of your final product!

The basics of digital T-shirt printing

Digital printing is a process that uses digital files to print onto fabric. It’s similar to traditional printing, but it uses specialized equipment and software to create designs from scratch. The image is then transferred directly onto the garment, allowing for more detailed images than traditional methods allow.

Digital printing offers many benefits over other types of printing methods:

  • It’s fast you can have your print t shirt and delivered in just a few days!
  • There are no setup costs involved with digital printing, so you’ll pay less per shirt than if you were using another method like screen-printing or embroidery. This makes it ideal if you need large quantities of shirts quickly (think promotional events).

What is a digital printer?

Digital printing is the process of transferring a digital image to a medium by means of an inkjet or laser printer. Digital printers are used for printing on a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, fabric and metal.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink that is forced through tiny nozzles onto the substrate being printed. They have the advantage over other types of printers in that they can produce high quality images at much lower cost per unit than other methods like gravure or lithography (offset). The downside is that their output must be kept away from light sources as exposure to UV rays will cause fading on many substrates such as paper, cardboard etc., but not so much on synthetic plastics such as polyester which may even benefit from sunlight exposure!

Why use a digital printer vs. traditional screen printing?

Digital printing is a more cost-effective, faster and environmentally friendly process than traditional screen printing. Digital printers use an inkjet technology to print on t shirt hong kong and other garments. This method uses water-based inks which means they are less toxic than the solvent-based inks used in many traditional screen printing processes. The digital printer uses the same type of ink cartridges as your home printer so you don’t have to worry about sourcing expensive specialty products or buying a new machine – just plug it into your computer!

The flexibility of digital printing allows you to create unique designs at any size without worrying about registration marks or registration lines being visible on your finished product like they would be with traditional methods (see below). You can also choose from thousands of stock images available online or upload your own artwork for custom designs!

Inkjet and laser technology – which one should you choose for your t-shirt business?

Now that you have a better idea of how to go about choosing the right printer for your business, let’s take a look at some of the more common technologies used in digital printing.

  • Inkjet printers – Inkjet printers are known for their speed, but they can also produce lower quality prints than laser printers. They’re also more expensive upfront and require more maintenance down the line. That being said, if you only need small runs or want something that can be used on-demand (i.e., when someone orders a t-shirt), then an inkjet is probably your best bet because it doesn’t require any pre-pressing or setup time like larger presses do.
  • Laser printers – Laser printers produce high quality graphics with great detail and consistency; however, they tend to be slower than other types of digital presses because each color must be printed separately before moving onto another one this means there will always be some delay between when an order comes in and when it gets shipped out!

How long does it take to print a t-shirt?

The time it takes to print a t-shirt depends on the size of your shirt and how many colors you’re using. The larger your design, the longer it will take for us to process it. If you have a lot of colors in your design (like white text over black), then that’s going to add some extra time as well. Digital printing provides business owners with more control over their products. With digital, you can print more than one color, on different materials and garments, in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also choose where to place your design on the garment (front or back). This gives you more flexibility when deciding what makes sense for your customers’ needs.


Digital printing is a great way to get your business off the ground and make some money. It’s easy to learn how to use a digital printer, and there are many different types of technology available. You don’t need to spend thousands on equipment when starting out either – even an inexpensive inkjet model will do the trick!